Best plasma cutters follow strict standards.

Industrial scale plasmaIndustrial scale plasma cuttersare often referred to as the best answer for metal cutting due to its amazing speed and efficiency. When combined with CNC cutting, plasma cutters will offer the best value through a great cost to quality ratio favored by many industries out there, such as heavy machinery industry and other various manufacturing industries.
Plasma cutting involved usage of plasma torches. A highly pressurized inert gas (or compressed air) is blown through a relatively tiny nozzle. An electrical arc formed on the surface of the material that is being cut transforms the gas into plasma. Since the plasma is extremely hot, it is able to melt the metal and effectively end up cutting the material.
The melted metal debris are blown away by the torch itself, which is what creates the sparks that you see in almost every plasma cutting process. These debris are extremely small, but since they are still melted metal, precautions should be taken to avoid any injuries. Goggles, face shields and gloves (not to mention fully covering clothing) are essential when you are in the near proximity of plasma cutters.
While hand held plasma cutting process can leave uneven marks on the cut material, modern CNC (computer numerical controlled) guided plasma cutters are able to make clean cuts which meet the necessary ISO conditions. Advanced plasma cutting machinery are also able to move and cut in multi-axis, allowing it to create bevel cuts or perform complex welding tasks.
Many industries benefit from the sheer efficiency and raw power of industrial scale plasma cutters. From simple etching to massive cutting jobs, plasma cutters are efficient and flexible enough to provide metal cutting and fabrication solutions to many industries. The below are just some of the metals which can be processed by a typical plasma cutting machine.
  • stainless steel (or regular steel)
  • aluminium
  • brass
  • various other hard to mild metals
By being able to process wide range of metals, plasma cutters are able to service any industry. When you combine the abilities of plasma cutters to efficient processing systems, such as heavy duty cranes or work tables, you get an industry solution viable for any type of commercial projects that are out there.
Since plasma cutting has become an industry standard service, there are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) ratings and guideline which the fabrication companies will follow to give their clients an idea of what the end products will be like. Every company can promise the world for you, but that does not guarantee you a level of service which you require. A qualified company will be able to tell you the thermal cutting classifications which they follow (e.g. ISO 9013:2003) and give you the exact range so that you can know exactly what the fault tolerance involved in the project will be.
Professional plasma cutting companies will always offer you a comprehensive quote which will outline the cost, timeline and any other complication which may arise on a given project. Take advantage of such professional knowledge before you hire a company for your project.
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